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Daniele Cannavacciuolo


Recording and cleaning a Steinway Spirio

Recording and cleaning a Steinway Spirio

In recent years, Steinway's Spirio has been an exciting and impressive new development. Spirio | r is a revolution in piano art and technology, offering a simple way to record, edit, and share piano performances.

To ensure the unique precision of the Steinway Spirio system, it is essential that each instrument receives the same technical attention as a Steinway piano destined for a concert stage. Only through concert-level preparation and ongoing maintenance can Spirio reproduce the full range of power and nuances from its constantly expanding library. During the preparation and regulation stages of the Steinway Spirio grand piano, there are important procedures that technicians must follow to ensure the highest precision of the system.

The recording software developed by Steinway allows not only the recording of contemporary pianists but also the faithful retrieval of interpretations by great pianists of the past.

From a technical perspective, Spirio relies on a solenoid system (Plunger) that enables the movement of the keys through electromagnetism. The keys have 1020 dynamic levels and 800 impulses per second, ensuring extremely faithful reproduction. The pedals can have up to 256 dynamic levels, offering a wider range than what is typically required. What makes a pianist's performance unique is the perfection in reproducing both the left and right pedals. Spirio contains over 2500 musical pieces of various genres and over 100 videos, which are automatically updated every first Friday of the month with the free addition of 34 hours of music and a new video.

With the purchase of Steinway Spirio, 4 free service visits are included in the first year. Subsequently, it is recommended to have the piano serviced three times a year, depending on usage and the environment.