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Daniele Cannavacciuolo


Piano Life Saver System

Piano Life Saver System

In current homes with central heating and good insulation, maintaining a consistent temperature in the room where the piano is located is relatively simple. However, controlling humidity is more challenging and poses a problem for upright and grand pianos as they can suffer damage such as cracks in the soundboard and bridge, as well as rust formation on the strings and tuning pins. It is advisable to maintain a stable relative humidity between 40% and 60%.

To minimize the harmful effects of humidity, the simplest and most cost-effective solution is the installation of the Piano Life Saver humidity system. This system automatically detects whether dehumidification or humidity addition is necessary for the environment. It is silent, energy-efficient, and creates a stable microclimate with an optimal relative humidity of around 45%. Investing in this system is particularly advantageous as upright and grand pianos sound much better in an environment with consistently regulated humidity.

A typical system for grand pianos up to 180 cm consumes only 8 W in humidification mode and 38 W in dehumidification mode. A flashing yellow LED indicates when water needs to be refilled, which usually requires intervention 1-2 times a month. The two blue damp cloths in the water tank should be replaced 1-2 times a year and can be easily done by the user. In case of any uncertainties, I am available to assist with the replacement, for example during a regular annual tuning.

The Piano Life Saver humidity system comes with a 5-year warranty with the option to extend it up to 10 years.