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Daniele Cannavacciuolo


Silent system for your piano

Silent system for your piano

The sound of a live piano is appreciated by everyone, but there are times when silence is necessary or simply preferred. A silent piano is a traditional acoustic piano equipped with a system that allows you to play with headphones at any time of the day. You can play without disturbing others and take advantage of features such as recording, computer connectivity, using a metronome, and exploring other sounds. You will get the best of both a traditional and digital piano.

-Here are some of the places where a silent system can be installed:
-Apartments: You can practice on a real piano, day or night, at any volume, without disturbing the neighbors.
-Recording studios or home recording: You can use the MIDI output of the silent system for studio editing or computer work, or the audio output to directly record on a home stereo system.
-Restaurants, bars, and hotels: You can use the audio output of the silent system to distribute controlled and consistent sound throughout the environment, via a PA system or amplified speakers.

Locking and security systems: Sometimes it can be useful to install a movable device that covers the piano keys (known as a cylinder) to protect fingers or the piano from unwanted access. An external lock can be mounted on the side of the keyboard, similar in appearance to a G-clamp. These locks, made of a durable but gentle plastic polymer on the piano's finish, offer a reliable solution for safeguarding valuable items. Alternatively, a piston locking system can be installed, allowing for a gentle closure without damaging the finish and protecting children's hands from potential hazards.